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At MASS EDEN, we recognize the difficulty in finding the right products to ensure proper self care. We understand that using the wrong products can trigger allergies and cause irritation, infection or both. In an effort to satisfy the needs for all skin types, we conducted research and completed testing on existing brands. This significant effort led us to identify key factors and ingredients that inhibit healthy skin. We went a step further and partnered with industry experts to not include them in our processes or products. As a result, we can provide you with products that are certified to USDA organic standards, sustainably sourced and cruelty free.

All of us here at MASS EDEN use our own soaps, moisturizer and beauty mask. So, we have first hand knowledge of the effects of using products free from chemicals and artificial ingredients. This knowledge allows us to better support our customers and empathize with their needs. Putting forth such effort makes it feel natural to align with the MASS EDEN goals:
1. Be Passionate About Our Products
2. Be Passionate About Our Customers
3. Positively Support the Community

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