Secondline Jewels

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So, I always wanted to be a musician.
My father is a percussionist, my mother is an organist.
My four little sisters, and I, were raised with a constant,
eclectic soundtrack playing in the background.
We grew up attending one festival after another,
having been raised in South Louisiana,
where music IS our culture.
Turns out, I didn’t get that gene.
I was born to be a visual artist.
I started making jewelry for myself as a Freshmen in high school because nothing in the mall was special enough.
I didn’t want to wear the same thing as everyone else.
For twenty years, I dabbled in every kind of art you can imagine,
searching for my one thing.
The one thing that would sustain my need to be a
“legitimate” working artist.
Fast forward to about four years ago..
my percussionist husband is frantically searching
for a gift for his wife on Christmas Eve.
He spots a broken cymbal laying on the floor of our studio,
and makes me a necklace with it.
It was more than a holiday gesture,
it was my niche,
all wrapped up with a bow on top.
It had been in my life since birth,
all around me all the time.
Musical jewels.
Nothing fulfills me more than this particular medium,
because I am doing my small part to help save the Earth.
We are recycling huge chunks of metal
that would otherwise become landfill trash.
It also doesn’t suck that part of my job is going to concerts
and trying to meet the band to collect the cymbals!
Experiencing live music has always been my favorite past time.
I truly love my job!

These pieces hold vibrations of something real ..
real moments ..
real sounds ..
real expressions.
Music to your eyes.


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