Best Travel Destinations for Singles

Sometimes it’s simply impossible to ignore them – those moments when the level of stress at work rises to the limit, and you understand that you need to get away from all this right now. This need for travel is almost psychological. In fact, it has been proven that constantly traveling people have a gene that is missing from those who never go outside their native towns. Therefore, it can even be argued that the desire to go on a journey is instinctive. It so deep in us and it is so difficult not to give in to it.

But what to do if I still search my young wife to travel with? Travel alone! And we will help you with a guide of great vacations for singles.

When is it worth going on a trip?

There is a list of “symptoms” showing that you urgently need to look for travel ideas for singles, book a hotel by the sea, and not stay up late at work again. For example, you became too irritable. You were very patient, and now get started right away. It seems to you that loved ones don’t support you.

Also, you fall asleep and wake up being already tired. And even if you are quite energetic in the morning, it passes quickly, and you barely hold on until the evening. Or you are energetic only half an hour after each cup of coffee, the amount of which per day also began to grow steadily.

Your mood often changes. This is not even a symptom, but a consequence of burnout. If your mood is constantly changing, then it’s time to look for the best getaways for singles.

How to prepare yourself for a vacation?

If you don’t have a loved one to travel with, it’s okay: traveling alone can be no less exciting and interesting. Many stereotypes are associated with such trips, but instead of being afraid and sitting at home, it is better to thoroughly prepare for the trip and go on an adventure. We share tips and life hacks that will help you have the best vacation for singles.

  1. Take care of your safety

The main issue that worries those who travel alone is safety. But traveling alone is not necessarily a big risk. Before leaving, tell your friends or relatives about what you are going to do and where you want to go and make a detailed trip plan. And even if you want to take a break from everyone, you still should take the time to call or write a message to friends and relatives and let them know that everything is fine with you.

  • Make copies of documents

There is nothing worse than being alone in a foreign country without documents. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, it is worth making copies of all important documents and carrying them with you (not the originals). Another useful tip is to save scans of documents on online services. Thus, you will always have the opportunity to get a copy of the right document.

  • Stay positive

The biggest plus of traveling alone is the absolute freedom of action. You don’t need to adapt to anyone, you are planning a trip yourself and you can include exactly what you need. Traveling alone will teach you to be prepared for unexpected things and give you a new experience, and, at the same time, will help you better get to know yourself and your desires. The main thing is not to be afraid to leave the comfort zone.

Best travel destinations for single people

Don’t be afraid to travel alone. In fact, such travels have many advantages, for example, a better chance to get acquainted with the culture of the host country and maybe find a significant other. So, check these vacations ideas for singles:

  1. Austria

Austria is quite small and compact Vienna is perfect for traveling alone. There are magnificent architectural structures, majestic concert halls, many museums and cozy cafes in narrow streets. Salzburg is the city where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once lived. It is definitely worth a visit. And to the cleanest lakes and hot mineral springs go to charming Carinthia.

  • New Zealand

New Zealand is a whole new world and the best place to travel for singles. Landscapes of incredible beauty, glaciers, rainforests, and mountains – this place is simply magical. Fabulous views as if painted by the best artists of the world. When you see all this abundance of colors with your own eyes, you don’t immediately believe in the reality of what is happening. All outdoor enthusiasts can try extreme boating, bungee jumping and hiking on the Milford Track.

  • Switzerland

The thing of first necessity on such a trip is comfortable hiking boots for a comfortable exploration of the vastness of Switzerland. Green alpine meadows and crystal clear lakes are ideally combined with an excellent transport structure, so there is a tram, train or boat to every interesting place. Lovers of a beautiful life can visit Zurich, and then go south, where the shores of Lake Geneva await you. Isn’t it an interesting vacation idea for singles?

  • United Kingdom

Where to travel when single? Well, we recommend focusing on England, namely, on its coast, where you can walk on piers, eat fish, watch underwater life or look for fossils in ancient cliffs, build sandcastles or try to see dolphins in the sea. In addition, in 2020, new sections of the hiking trail along the coast will be opened – England Coast Path.

  • Costa Rica

This is one of the best vacation spots for singles. The biodiversity here is impressive: sloths on trees, frogs in thickets and whales in the ocean. For adventure lovers, there are hiking on volcanoes and yoga retreats. By the way, the country receives 90% of all energy from renewable sources. So, maybe it will be interesting for you to learn more about it.

  • Netherlands

Of course, Amsterdam is always worth another visit, but the country has so well-developed railway connections that you can easily visit many other cities (and they are worth it). In April and May, there will be many holidays – King’s Day, Independence Day, and at any other time, you can go along cycling routes – there is 35,000 km of them in the country.

  • Singapore

If you think that the East is exotic but poor, then Singapore will change your views. Thanks to harsh laws, it has become one of the most developed and prosperous countries not only in Asia but throughout the world. You will be amazed to see the crowns of hi-tech trees, futuristic skyscrapers and the rooftop pool of the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

  • Portugal

The country of the bright sun, golden beaches, atmospheric castles, and black souvenir cockerels is one of the safest in the world. Feel free to book your tickets to Portugal to take a peaceful ride on the yellow tram in Lisbon, climb the towers of the colorful Pena Palace in Sintra and look at the endless Atlantic Ocean from Cape Roca – the westernmost point of continental Europe. To finally lose your head from Portugal, have a bite of pastry with custard cake.

  • Iceland

This is one of the best places to go for singles. It is hard to imagine that this small country in the Atlantic Ocean really exists in the world until you see it with your own eyes. Volcanoes, black sand, geysers, warm asphalt, and cool air – all this is Iceland, which is considered the safest and friendliest place on the planet. Risk it?

  1. Japan

One of the most developed countries of our time will be able to surprise even the most professional traveler. Spend a few days in Tokyo, take a high-speed train past Mount Fuji, and enjoy the tranquility of old Kyoto. Every day in this country will definitely not be like the previous one. Japan is for those who lack adrenaline, and it’s very safe.

Tips for a great vacation

Yes, traveling alone is not an easy task. You will have to search for a hotel, buy tickets, and plan a list of vacation destinations for singles yourself. This is a big responsibility, but in return, you get complete independence. And at the end of such a journey, you will definitely be proud of yourself because you were able to overcome fears, doubts, and your own laziness.  

  1. Get to know the locals in advance

If you are staying with someone using Couchsurfing, try to find out more about this person and ask him or her to introduce you in advance to a couple of their good friends. Thus, you will have the phone numbers of other people, and if you need help, you will know who you can ask it for.

  • Trust your intuition

… as well as free Wi-Fi at the airport! Before you visit museums, go down to the subway or order a taxi in another country, Google in advance the information about cheap single vacation ideas. At the same time, don’t forget to follow the call of your heart and dreams on your journey!

  • Listen to yourself

Traveling alone is a great way to be alone with yourself and not depend on other people’s biological rhythms and desires. Use this time to the maximum and direct all your energy to make this trip unforgettable and comfortable for yourself in every sense.

Believe us, you still have time to travel with friends, family, and loved ones, but when you travel alone, this is a special type of vacation. You can consider this a relaxation tour. You have to try everything in life! So, why not dare and visit the best vacations for singles?